Real Estate Branding and Web Build

DATE: Jun 2021

Project Brief

The client had been running their real-estate business and was looking to have their own branded look and website for their company. We were approached to provide solutions and expertise that would fit the client’s need.


We wanted to come up with a branded look that was  professional but approachable. This informed the choice of  colour and image selection. 

We used WordPress integrated with an MLS platform for the web-build to show the client’s listings in their area of focus. 

Diluceo's Role

Full Web Dev
Brand & Identity


Crave It Digital


KU Real Estate


Logo refresh to fit with the new style of the website.


Layout design and development with a focus on a younger demographic by using vibrant imagery and minimal palette.

To tie everything together, we incorporated the brand into imagery used on the website to create a personalized look.